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Do you have new home building plans? Are you looking for custom home building in Lillington, NC? Value Build Homes stands out from other home builders in Lillington. They are the custom home building experts. Having built a good reputation for putting the customer first while constructing magnificent homes that are of the highest quality, they have become the premier Lillington home building contractor.

When it comes to house building, Value Build Homes makes owning a new home affordable. Their prices are less expensive than purchasing a modular home, and you get to see your new residence constructed stick by stick on your lot.

If you would rather not opt for a home from one of Value Build Homes’ plans, you can design your own and go with a custom home building contractor. Value Build Homes has become the most popular home builders in Lillington.

Build a Custom Home in Lillington, NC

While housing remains affordable, now is the time to build a new home. Custom home building in Lillington, NC, is growing in popularity. Value Build Homes takes pride in their construction projects, and they have become known for exceeding the expectations of customers.

Despite the abundance of home construction companies near Lillington, NC, Value Build Homes stand out from the rest because of their dedication and expertise. Because they offer well-built homes at affordable prices, they have made families around the area extremely happy.

They have become known as the best home builders in Lillington, NC. If you are even slightly considering building a home, now is the time. Call Value Build Homes today and their experienced staff will be happy to discuss your options.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our new home! We still can’t believe we were able to own such a beautiful house for the amount that was quoted, expecting there must be a hidden charge somewhere—but there wasn’t! Well done Value Build!


New home construction near Lillington, NC, is gaining popularity. Make plans to get your new home started as soon as possible. Call Value Build Homes today. For more information, just tell us who to contact in the form below: