Troy Custom Homes

Custom Floor Plans, Home Design, and House Plans in Troy

All too often, when people go house shopping, they are cut short by the selection and individuality of the homes they find. At Value Build Homes, you can create your own dream homes with interesting and affordable custom floor plans in Troy, NC. You will no longer have to shop house-to-house all over Troy in order to find the home that is right for you. Now custom home design in Troy, NC is right around the corner for you. Every custom home plan in Troy, NC is specifically designed to meet the needs of you and your family. All the work is done for you if you just let our custom home builders in Troy, NC help you.

Value Build Homes Makes It Easy For You

At Value Build Homes, you can find anything you could possibly need, such as land home packages in Troy, NC as well as a home built on your lot in Troy, NC. You will never find better deals or better opportunities anywhere else. The options are simply endless, and it is your right as a home buyer to have everything you ever wanted in your dream house. Nothing can beat beautiful stick built homes in Troy, NC.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our new home! We still can’t believe we were able to own such a beautiful house for the amount that was quoted, expecting there must be a hidden charge somewhere—but there wasn’t! Well done Value Build!


All the other options fall short by comparison. You can go “house shopping.” You can look into other people’s built homes and try to place yourself there. You can have a boring modular home dropped off in pieces on a plot of land. I think the best option is clear. Let the thought enter your mind. Build a house on your land in Troy, NC. Give yourself the home you deserve. For more information, just tell us who to contact in the form below: