Discover the 5 Ways to Save Money When Building On Your Own Land.

It’s no secret ValueBuild Homes constructs some of the area’s most beautiful, affordable new homes. We have affordability down to a science! But did you know there’s even more ways to save when building a breath taking new home on land you already own?

What you'll learn inside:

Instant equity

Already own the land where you envision building your dream home? You’re well ahead of other homebuyers who are just getting started. 

Lower commissions

See how you'll save money on commissions by building on your own parcel of land. Most people don't factor this into their decision.

Your home – your plan

There's no need to settle for the limited number of plans offered by many home builders. See how building on your land means more options!

Eliminate surprises

Buying an existing home could expose you to a variety of expensive surprises down the road as a result of the previous owner cutting corners.


Learn about all the other financial benefits of building a new home on your land.

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