Lot/Home Packages

We will build your dream home on ANY lot you choose. Dream BIG with ValueBuild Homes.

Our team has done the legwork for you!

We have partnered with top land sellers to bring you curated lot and home packages located throughout the Carolinas available now. The packages shown are estimates only. Enjoy the flexibility to select the floor plan of your choice and personalize it to fit your needs and unique style.

Homes displayed are for estimating purposes only. Buyer may choose any ValueBuild Homes floor plan that will fit on the home site, prices will vary. Estimates shown include the lot, estimated lot finishing costs, and the base price of the home shown. Upgrade options and custom changes are an additional cost.

Our Lot/Home Packages

We have just finished the building process with ValueBuild and are waiting on final paperwork to move in but we are thrilled with our experience with ValueBuild and appreciated Danny in Design helping us pick the Yadkin and modifying it to meet our family’s needs on the front end of the process as well as Paul who oversaw every detail of our build.

- Lora

Benefits of a Lot/Home Package

  • Prime Locations

    Our lots are meticulously chosen and conveniently located. Strong relationships with local real estate agents grant us access to the best areas.

  • Quick Building Process

    Enjoy a faster move-in with our streamlined process that ensures efficient and prompt construction of your dream home...

  • Cost Efficiency

    Simplify budgeting and financing with a single, upfront cost estimate. This combines the lot, home, and pre-estimated site costs into a clear picture of your entire project expenditure. Additionally, you can leverage this all-in-one figure to secure a convenient construction-to-permanent loan. This eliminates the need for multiple loans and simplifies the financing process.

    * All of our homes are customizable.

    If you already have a lot, click here to see all our “Built-In-Your-Lot” home plans.

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