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What Are Site-Built Homes & Modular Homes?

Site-Built Home
Site-built, also known as stick built, traditional or conventionally framed construction, involves building a home’s frame right there on a build site using basic lumber and nails. This method progresses from the foundation up.

Think of it like the quintessential way of building a house. Value Build Homes loves doing it this way when we are building custom homes.

Modular Home
A modular home is a type of dwelling constructed off-site in a factory, where complete sections are built. These modules are then transported to the build site and assembled on a permanent foundation.

Despite being prefabricated, modular homes must meet the same building codes and standards as traditional stick-built homes. Upon arrival, on-site contractors will fit them together.

Site-Built Homes VS. Modular Homes
A Comparison

When it comes to building a home, many factors come into play that impact quality
customization, long-term value & more. Read our comparison guide below to
understand the key differences between site-built & modular homes.

Construction Quality

Site-Built Home
Utilizes traditional stick framing methods on-site,
with each component assembled piece-by-piece. This allows for precision craftsmanship and quality control.

Modular Home
Prefabricated in sections at a facility, then transported and joined together on site. This can result in structural weakness over time.

Customization Potential

Site-Built Home
You choose all aspects like floor plans, layouts, materials and finishes. Anything you can imagine can be incorporated into the design and build.

Modular Home
Allows for some customization but is limited in options since the home is pre-made. Changes later are costly and complex.


Site-Built Home
When getting quotes from builders, be sure to check if foundation is included. Here at VBH, we include a 32in crawlspace foundation. 

Modular Home
A foundation is one of the most expensive parts of a home and many modular manufacturers do not include this cost.


Site-Built Home
Site built homes can basically be built anywhere since the home is built “stick by stick”. 

Modular Home
Not every build site can be accessed by modular delivery since large trucks and equipment are required for assembly. Also, a lot more space is needed to put all the pieces together.

Local Government

Site-Built Home
Minimal requirements since there is positive public perception, and will increase in value.

Modular Home
Be sure to check your local government for modular home restrictions. Even if they are allowed, there may be size or transportation restrictions.

3 Advantages of Choosing a Site-Built Home

Value Build custom home drone view

Appreciation & Resale Value

Data shows that over decades, site-built homes maintain significantly higher property value and appreciation percentage compared to modular alternatives.

Drone Aerial of Lake Lure in North Carolina

Financing, Insurance Benefits

Mortgage lenders and insurance providers view site-built homes as lower-risk investments, leading to better interest rates, loan terms, and premiums.

Dreaming of building a custom home

Energy Efficiency

Site-built techniques lend themselves better to meeting the highest energy standards.
This saves thousands in utility bills
over time.

Stories From Our Happy Homeowners

We just wanted to say thank you to all the people and companies that was involved in building our new home.  A special thank you to Value Build Homes/Mr David Porter for all his hard work, and always reassuring me, everything will be completed in a timely manner…

Mr Porter Always addressed any issues or concerns that I have throughout the building of our new home/always kept me informed … we are forever, grateful and blessed to have met wonderful people through the progress of our homebuilding experiences. We would highly recommend Value Build Homes to build your new home.

Thank you again Tim /Velma”

Brackett Family

“We are so excited with the completion of our beautiful home! Chris R. Martin said he could do it in 90 days and he absolutely delivered. This young man is an asset to the Value Build Team. His organizational skills, can-do attitude, dedication to the costumer, and scheduling was extremely impressive.

All of the different trades worked with us, and got the jobs done as required. We are looking forward to making memories in our new home.

We appreciate the whole Value Build Team (Chris, Paul, Rick, Danny, Taryn, Bryan, Caroline, & Cameron). Thank you for a job well done!”


Clanton Family

Our 7 Step Process

Value Build Homes has developed a simple seven-step process to ensure that every new home construction matches our exacting standards.


What sets us apart from other builders is our focus on establishing your buying power. We help you find the best lender for you. You’ll meet with them to learn about different home loan options and how much you can afford. It’s important to understand your buying power, and we’re here to help you with that.


Curious if you can build on your land? We’ll provide questions to ask and help you make a plan to improve your land. We offer free evaluations to better understand your property. Don’t have land yet? No worries! Our Land Specialist can help you find the perfect property for your needs.


Value Build Homes goes beyond just bedrooms and bathrooms. We ask questions to understand how you live in your home and how you want to live in your home. This helps us create a custom floor plan that fits your family perfectly.


The New Home Designer will create a custom floor plan just for you. They’ll use your values answers and budget to design a custom plan that matches your needs and fits your budget perfectly.


It’s time to add your personal touch to the home! Choose things like flooring and cabinet styles. Once you’re happy with your choices, we’ll sign a purchase agreement that shows the important details, like the cost and your choices.


Your dedicated Field Manager will build your home according to plan, staying on budget and finishing on time. When we give you a move-in date, mark your calendar because that’s when you’ll be able to move into your new home! We promise a 100% move-in guarantee.


Finally, the day you’ve been waiting for has arrived! You and your family are now proud homeowners. While the construction is complete, our warranty process begins to ensure your home is taken care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes site-built homes more durable than modular homes?

Site-built homes are constructed with high-quality materials and are built on-site to exact standards, ensuring a stronger structure.

Can I customize a modular home as much as a site-built home?

While modular homes offer some customization, they cannot match the extensive personalization options of site-built homes, from layout to finishes.

How does the long-term value of site-built homes compare to modular homes?

Site-built homes generally appreciate in value and offer greater long-term investment benefits, while modular homes can depreciate over time.

Are there environmental impacts to consider in both types of homes?

Site-built homes can be constructed with eco-friendly materials and techniques. Modular homes have a smaller initial environmental footprint, but may not offer the same long-term efficiency.

Is financing or insuring a site-built home different from a modular home?

Financing and insuring a site-built home is often more straightforward, with more options and potentially lower insurance premiums compared to modular homes.

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