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Perfectly situated on the rich coastal plains between the beaches and mountains of North Carolina, Sampson, Duplin, Wayne, and Johnston Counties are ripe for agricultural and business growth and are wonderful places to call home. Here we take a look at what makes each county so attractive to more than 450,000 (and growing!) residents in this thriving region.


Sampson County


Sampson County is the largest in North Carolina and perfectly situated for residents to enjoy the best of the state. The county itself boasts a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and rich farmland, and is a place where neighbors become friends in quaint, humble towns. Located between the beaches of the east coast and the Appalachians to the west, Sampson County enjoys a mild climate year-round with quick and easy access to the state’s most famous natural attractions. With I-40 and I-95 criss-crossing the county, it’s easy to get wherever you need to go.


Duplin County


Duplin County is home to North Carolina’s oldest winery, specializing in award-winning Muscadine wines. That pride and heritage carries through to all residents of this friendly area that’s quickly becoming a relocation destination. With southern hospitality, a scenic countryside, and easy accessibility to North Carolina’s biggest cities like Raleigh and Fayetteville, Duplin County offers a green, peaceful retreat with plenty of social, recreational, and small business opportunities.


Wayne County


One of the most productive agricultural areas of North Carolina, Wayne County has a mild climate, freeze-free growing season, and plenty of fun and charming towns to call home. If you love savory North Carolina BBQ, you’re in luck because the county is located along the NC Barbecue Society Historic Trail! When you get off of work, there are plenty of activities and events to wind down and enjoy a good time, including Busco Beach and ATV Park to the west of Greensboro and Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, where there’s swimming, boating, camping, picnicking, and more.


Johnston County


Affectionately known among locals as JoCo, Johnston County, NC has a friendly atmosphere and welcoming people. With many community festivals, sporting events, and shopping and dining opportunities, it’s an area that’s easy to love and live in. There are growth opportunities in manufacturing, agriculture, medical, and tourism, and the county encourages all aspects of economic development. Clayton, just south of Raleigh is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in Johnson County.

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If interest or a job opportunity brings you to any of these attractive counties in southeastern North Carolina, or if you already own land here, it’s easier than ever to build and own a custom home of your own. For information about Value Build Homes’ unique, 6-step process that makes building your new home fast, easy, and affordable in North Carolina, please contact us at 919-849-5146 or schedule an appointment at our Model Center in Sanford — just a short drive away!