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You’re ready for a change. A new home is in your near future. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Is it better to build or buy a new home?” The right answer for you will depend on your situation. 

Value Build Homes is a custom home builder in the Carolinas, so we’re offering you the same guidance and knowledge we’ve given our homebuyers.

To begin with, your decision of whether it’s better to build or buy a new home depends on a few criteria:

  • How soon do you want to move?
  • Do you already have land or a location in mind?
  • How specific are your needs in terms of the home’s location, lot size, design, and features?
  • Are you able to compromise on certain choices?
  • Have you chosen a floor plan?

Clearly, choosing to buy an existing home (new or resale) limits you in terms of what’s available. After the flurry of activity in recent years, inventory of homes for sale is less than what you might want and need to find the right home. 

Some of the benefits of buying a new home instead of a used one are the opportunity to find something that’s up-to-date, includes the features you want, and is covered by a builder’s warranty.

If you know where you want to live and have a clear vision of the home that will fit your lifestyle, you should consider building a new home.

Why Building a New Home May Be Better Than Buying

Can you choose the details?

When you build a new home, you have so many exciting options to consider. From design elements on the exterior and interior to the placement of certain interior rooms and spaces and even the choice of the right systems for your home (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, HVAC). There’s energy efficiency to think about and the placement of the home on the land. 

Every decision makes this home a better fit for you. At Value Build Homes, once you’ve decided on your home, you meet with a Home Design Consultant to go through every choice. With some builders, you might be limited to the selections they offer, so be sure to know at the beginning. Also ask which features are included in the price and which are considered upgrades.

Are you limited to the builder’s floor plans?

This is an important detail. Some builders will gladly build a new home for you as long as you select one of their floor plans. Their own portfolio is tried and true. They’ve built these plans many times before and they can rely on their accuracy. 

At Value Build Homes, our custom-built homes have come from various sources. We do offer our own floor plans but welcome our homebuyers to bring their own. We carefully assess each floor plan, looking for any potential trouble spots. We’ll review the engineering specs, measurements, and requirements. We’ll make sure there are doors to every room (yes, you’d be surprised!).

We can also design the home you want if you still can’t find the perfect plan!

Can the plans be customized?

Maybe you find a plan that works for you—almost. Can a room be moved or altered? Can the builder change the layout of the bathroom? Is it possible to wrap the porch around the side? What would it do to the layout to move the laundry room next to the owner’s suite?

These are all reasonable requests of your builder. Be advised though that many builders cannot accommodate all of your changes. Or, they might be able to do it, but at what cost?

If changes and upgrades drive your budget too far upward, you’re a good candidate for a custom built home.

Can the builder build on your land?

If you are firm about building your new home on a specific piece of property, you must find a builder who can or is willing to build there. Some home builders purchase their own land and limit their new home construction to those locations. Their business is set up to organize their construction crews around these sites and nowhere else.

Custom homebuilders are usually your best choice to build on your lot. They have the experience from working with different types of land, which is important when it comes to excavation and site preparation. 

A reputable custom home builder will also assess your site before making any commitments to build. We have an expert conduct a free land evaluation to determine whether there are easements, zoning restrictions, and environmental conditions that could impact the building process. You’ll have complete awareness before committing to building a new home on your land!

Is it less expensive to buy a new home than build one?

There’s a myth that it’s less expensive to buy an existing home than build a new one. In truth, there are so many factors that go into buying any home that you must look at it on a case-by-case basis.

The National Association of Home Builders estimates the median price of an existing single-family home in November 2023 was $392,100, while the median for a new construction home was $434,700. But these numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Look at the total cost of ownership, not the purchase price. The total cost of ownership is what it will actually cost you to own the home, including renovations and maintenance.

Let’s say you buy an existing home but need to budget for things like a new roof and AC system. Plus, you want to fully upgrade the kitchen. According to NerdWallet, here are the average costs for each:

Roof replacement: $8,200

New air conditioning system: $4,200

Major kitchen renovation: $35,000

TOTAL: $47,400

If you were to add the cost of these repairs and remodeling to a home priced at $392,100, the total would be $439,500, almost $5,000 more than the brand new home.

You’ll need to add in the cost of the land, if you don’t already own it. The point here is, explore all of your options. Don’t assume one choice is more or less expensive than another.

Custom Built Homes with the Best Floor Plans to Choose From!

As you’re doing your homework, Value Build Homes invites you to learn more about our custom built homes in the Carolinas. We take a unique approach that you should understand.

First of all, with our building process, we build on your land. It’s not manufactured and brought in. We don’t fabricate homes offsite and then set them up on your land. We believe that home construction must be done onsite. Our experienced professionals understand the importance of craftsmanship. Suppliers respect their relationship with Value Build Homes so we get the best rates available and pass the savings on to our customers.

Because we take such care in our work, we stand behind it with a 10-year structural warranty. This comprehensive protection reflects our commitment to excellence and confidence in our work.

We’ve assembled a collection of 44 floor plans in a wide variety of styles. From a cozy bungalow to a single-level ranch or spacious multi-story, Value Build Homes offers plans with different elevations (exterior details) and the opportunity to customize your choice. Click on each one to see photos, a floor plan, and a virtual tour.

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