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If you’re looking for an ideal place to live in North Carolina, where there’s beautiful year-round weather, great job opportunities, a thriving city scene, and endless things to do and ways to have fun, you’ll love living in Pitt County! Here are just a few reasons why this is a great place to build your dream home and live your best life.


1) Proximity to Greenville


Greenville, NC is located at the center of Pitt County and offers ample employment opportunities, lots to do, and beautiful green spaces. The city is a haven for tech-based jobs, and there are several large employers based here, like East Carolina University, Vidant Health, Walmart, Patheon, and Grady-White. While people work hard, they love to play, too! Downtown Greenville alone is home to 25+ restaurants and numerous bars for the adult crowd, as well as parks, museums, theaters, movies, and cultural events for the whole family. 


2) Low Cost of Living


Pitt County is an affordable place to live compared to much of the U.S. and even other areas of North Carolina. Much of the affordability is driven by housing, which is much more attainable here. In fact, you can build a new home in Pitt County starting from just $123,990


3) Mild Weather & Outdoor Recreation


The summers are hot and the winters are mild (temperatures rarely dip below freezing), so residents get to enjoy outdoor recreation all year round. Greenville itself is located along the Tar River, which is a peaceful, slow-moving river with lots of old-growth trees along its banks, providing plenty of shade. It’s perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding, and recreational boating of all kinds. You’re almost guaranteed to see some form of wildlife, whether that’s deer, beavers, turtles, bald eagles, herrings, or osprey.


4) Plenty To Do


Aside from all the green spaces in… well… Greenville, and water recreation on the Tar River, there’s so much to do and explore in Pitt County. This is an agricultural hub of the state, so you’ll find plenty of family-friendly experiences at local farms and creameries. You’ll stumble across quaint antique stores and shops along the state highways, and some of the best Carolina BBQ spots and local breweries dot the region. And of course, in Greenville, there are museums, indoor play areas, golf courses, and so much more.


5) Fast Growing


The population of Pitt County has grown by over 9% since 2010, but the increase in residents hasn’t diminished its charm or authenticity. People from all over the country are attracted by the beautiful weather, endless outdoor recreation, overall quality of life at a low cost, and of course, the relaxed, Southern lifestyle. 


If you’re interested in living in Pitt County, you can build a brand new home here, on your land, for a lot less than you might think. Get in touch with Value Build Homes to learn how to find land, choose a floor plan, and build your dream home in Pitt County, NC.