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Custom homes are a great option with many benefits. Building a custom home can be the most rewarding experience in a homeowner’s life. You can design a home that fits your lifestyle and personality, maximize every inch of living space, build where you want, and more. There’s no feeling like getting to live in a home that you personally helped design. It’s even better when you get to work with a reputable builder who makes it easy and supports you every step of the way. That’s why with Value Build Homes, we work with you through a 6-step process ensuring your custom-built home is exactly the way you want. 

Our Process on Building a Custom Home

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  1. Understanding Your Buying Power

A crucial first step to custom home building is making sure you understand your buying power (aka knowing your budget). We’ll help you get connected to a lender that best fits your needs. This initial meeting is a way to better understand the different financing options. Do you need a fixed or variable rate? Is a 12- or 30- year loan right for you? What type of loan should you take on? Once you have an understanding of where your budget lies, it’ll be easier to figure out the where and how.

  1. Identify and Evaluate Your Land Situation

Do you already have land to build on? If so, we provide a free evaluation with expert advice and guidance about all elements. Each piece of land is unique and has nuances that can make it suitable or unsuitable for building. From topography to existing home removal and everything in between, we’ll ensure we understand the ins and outs of your property before moving forward. No land, no problem. The evaluation will occur after our Land Specialist connects you with our Realtor Partners to find your perfect lot. 

  1. Values Call

At Value Build Homes, it’s extremely important to us that your home isn’t just a floor plan you picked off a list. Our designs are made to be a highly flexible starting point, so you can make changes to suit your life now and still have room to make changes in the future if you want to. The values call with us goes beyond the simple bed and bath questions, too. Do you entertain often with game nights? Where do you spend dinner? Are you an avid biker or crafter and need dedicated spaces? For example, we may suggest a different floor covering after discovering your dog, Buddy, is a high-energy beagle. These deep questions will make all the difference when choosing and designing the perfect home for you and your family.

  1. Plan Presentation and Selections

We’re confident that every home we build is up to our home buyers’ satisfaction. Why? We confirm that all of the details of your home are correct through our plan presentation. Each and every element you choose is a representation of your style and how you want your home to feel. The final result should match your expectations exactly. From flooring to windows and lighting fixtures to molding, you’ll choose your ideal design finishes in our design centers. Then, we’ll verify every detail, big or small, is accurate before your construction loan is closed.

  1. Building Your Home

man building the frame of a roof on a value build home

Now the magic begins! At this step, we’ll start the construction of your home. Unlike other builders, we always build our custom homes 100% on-site. No more pre-fabricated parts and pieces that need to be driven to your lot and puzzle-pieced together. Our name says it all. We want to build homes with the best value. A way we do that is by partnering with select suppliers and trade partners for the best deals on building materials. We also have skilled building specialists guided by a highly-trained Construction Manager to ensure your home is built within budget and on time.

  1. Moving Into Your Dream House

It’s a satisfying feeling when you can finally move into your beautiful, custom-designed home. It’s just as wonderful for us to know that you’re happy with the final result and can start enjoying the life you’ve envisioned. Though this is the end of the construction process, it doesn’t mean we’ll wave goodbye for good. Each of our custom homes includes a 10-year structural warranty. We’re just as confident in our process as we are in the quality of our homes, but we’re always here to help if needed.


Custom Home Building in North and South Carolina

The location of the lot is typically where people start when researching building a custom home. At Value Build Homes, we understand that you have many places you can choose from, but we highly recommend the places we build throughout North and South Carolina. These states offer a variety of ideal locations that have an overall low cost of living, beautiful weather and views, recreation, and the most friendly people you’ll meet. Check out the counties we build in.

man biking on a path during sunset and a side view of mountains at sunrise

North Carolina Counties

  • Rutherford
  • Wilkes
  • Iredell
  • Forsyth
  • Alamance
  • Lee
  • Franklin
  • Bladen
  • Lenior
  • New Hanover

South Carolina Counties

  • Greenville
  • York

We will also consider other counties on a case-by-case basis.


Value Build Homes is Ready to Work for You!

The advantages of building a custom home are undeniable, especially when you know you’re working with a trusted builder. Value Build Homes is that builder. Our homes are built with the highest quality material, within budget, on time, completely custom, and backed by warranty. Our 6-step process includes you in every step and offers guidance from a range of experts to make your custom home-building experience simple.

Now that you know a bit more about our process, you might be ready to take the next step of making your dream home a reality. We’re more than happy to assist you with any questions! Get in touch with us online or by phone at 919-849-5322.