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Advantages of building a new home in North Carolina

In our first entry, we will discuss the perks, incentives and upgrades associated with building your new custom dream home.

#1 Your Team. Your Budget. Your Upgrades.

When building a new custom home with Value Build, you’ll get to know everyone on our team very well! Having a relationship with the people who are actually building your new home is much more comforting than purchasing used from someone you’ll usually only meet at the closing table.

Purchasing a pre-existing property can really inflate your budget. You have to factor in seller’s closing costs, a home inspection, as well as any number of other miscellaneous fees that can add up quickly. Additionally, you may be forced into negotiations with a seller who has their heels dug in, refusing to budge on even the tiniest detail.

Can a homeowner selling their current property even think about offering upgrades and special incentives? In all honesty, they’re looking to get as much from the transaction as possible. Here at Value Build Homes, you have the ability to choose the exact upgrades you want. You’ll never have to settle for the existing features and fixtures found in purchasing a used a home.

In our next entry we will discuss how building a new home can actually save you money over buying an existing house!