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#3 New Home Construction Utilizes Energy Efficient Appliances

You’re not considering the purchase of an existing home just because it comes fully loaded with existing appliances, are you?

It’s great that all those appliances are included in the sale of a pre-existing home—it saves the current owner from having to dispose of them! A refrigerator, range, dishwasher, even the furnace and air conditioning all may have been used each and every day for the past 20 years…or more.

In Value Build’s new construction homes we include energy efficient appliances with  your purchase, not only saving you money on utility bills, but also instilling confidence as you know your appliances are fresh out of the carton!

Just the simple fact that all of your appliances are brand new provides our homebuyers with peace of mind. No worries about a costly call to the local repair man as all your appliances are covered by the manufacturer ensuring no unpleasant surprises.

And speaking of detailed coverage, in our next installment we will get into all the finer points of Value Build’s famous warranty included in all our new homes!