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Custom Home vs. Production Home: Weighing Your Options

When deciding to build a custom home vs. a production home, there are many factors to consider. Both custom home builders and high-volume builders can help you create a beautiful home, but only one can help create the home you have always imagined.

High production home builders often create communities with homes that all have very similar floor plans and structures. When you build a custom home, your home builders create a home that you uniquely design.

In this article, we break these two down so you can clearly understand what makes a custom home different from a production home.

What to Expect from Production Builders

Most production builders are very similar when going over the plans to build your home with you. Production builders usually offer both the home and the land as a package, while offering a variety of house plans to choose from.

Many production home builders will allow the buyer to choose their favorite designs from a menu that includes multiple categories of products they offer. It may be good that you can select what you want in your production home, but it is unlikely they will offer exactly what you were hoping for.

What to Expect from Custom Home Builders

There are many great reasons why to build a custom home. Custom home builders don’t have to go through a package when you are deciding the type of home you want to build. Instead, custom home builders allow you to be in charge completely of your design.

You can even supply a floor plan drawn from scratch and your home builder will bring your drawing to life. When building custom homes, you will be involved in the entire process and will have the opportunity to make most major decisions. You can create your own home, rather than having to select your home in a menu.

Custom home builders

How to Decide Between a Custom Home vs. a Production Home

The decision to purchase a custom home or a production home is solely yours, based on how involved you want to be in the home building process.

If you do not have any unique specifications in mind for your home or do not care as much about the design, choosing a production home might be best for you. Sometimes it is easier to look through a menu and select which home you like the most.

When choosing a custom home, it is all about personalization. You will choose everything based on your taste, starting with the size of the home, the floor plan, the design, and more.

Custom Home vs. Production Home Cost

When purchasing a production home, you will be able to purchase one no matter what your income is. You can select a starter production home or a luxurious production home.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that some production homes will cost less than custom homes because of the materials used to build the home. If the materials are not high quality, the production home will likely be less expensive. This is a selling point for most homeowners interested in purchasing a production home.

If you are interested in purchasing a custom-built home, they can also be purchased at all buyer entry points. However, the price of a custom home will be higher than a production home because of the high-quality materials used to build the home and that it is being customized to meet your needs.

ValueBuild Homes uses high-quality materials when building custom homes to ensure there aren’t any issues soon or over time. It is important to keep in mind that you will have more control over resale factors for the future when you build a custom home.

When you are building your home, you can choose options that you think will attract future buyers someday when you are ready to sell.

Your Personal Preference

Production homes have advanced over the past few years, offering many different floor plans to choose from with certain options available for you to customize. However, building a custom home will allow you much more leeway when it comes to customization.

If you are looking for something unique, like a fort for your children under the stairs, production homes will not have that option. When customizing your own home, you can choose anything out of the ordinary and your builders will make it happen.

Desired Location

This is an important thing to consider when deciding custom home vs. production home. Many production homes are located in the suburbs in developments surrounded by similarly built homes. If you want to live in a more widespread area, a custom home might be a better option.

Production homes are usually already set where they are going to be built, whereas custom homes can be built wherever you desire. Location is important when choosing the type of home you want to purchase, as you will most likely be living in this location for many years.

Pros of Building a Custom Home

  • You can choose your location
  • You decide the details
  • Your home will be unique
  • High-quality materials will be used

Cons of Building a Custom Home

  • It can be expensive to build depending on your budget
  • You will have to find and purchase your own land
  • Take longer to build than production homes

Pros of Building a Production Home

  • You can choose from a variety of price points
  • Built faster than a custom home
  • Can sometimes live in a community with multiple amenities

Cons of Building a Production Home

  • You cannot design your home based on your particular taste
  • You are not involved in the building process
  • Limited land options to choose from
  • Your home might look the same as other homes in your neighborhood

ValueBuild Homes Can Create Your Custom Home

Deciding between a custom home vs a production home is a lot to think about. If you are leaning on the side of choosing a custom home, ValueBuild Homes can help create your customized home. Contact us today if you have any questions about building a custom home or if you would like to discuss your home building options.