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Financing for your custom home

When applying for a mortgage loan from any lender, you will be asked a variety of questions including:

• Current Sources Of Income

• How Long You’ve Been Employed With Your Current Employer

• If You Are Currently Renting, Paying A Mortgage Or Have Ownership Of Other Property

You will also have to give permission for lenders to perform a credit review.  Prior to applying for a mortgage, it’s important to investigate your current credit score.  You can request a credit report from EquifaxExperian and TransUnion.  Make certain that there are no errors on these reports, as your credit rating will have a direct impact on the interest rate!

As you “go under” contract for your new home, more detailed information will be required including important documents such as recent tax returns.

Value Build Homes offers a wealth of information regarding financing options. Click here and complete the convenient form and we can start the process introducing you the lender that is best suited for your specific needs!