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If you’re at a point where you need a different space for your family to live comfortably, you could be facing a dilemma between buying a new home or purchasing a used one. A used home may be cheaper if it requires major renovations before moving in. The owner may also be in a hurry to sell due to financial constraints or the need to move to another state or country. While such reasons may be appealing, there are plenty more reasons why building a new custom home on your own land may be better. Here are a few, plus tips on buying a new construction home.


Reasons to Buy a New Custom-Built Home



The surroundings. Building a custom home, on your own land, means that you can choose WHERE you want your home to be. With a used home, you dont get that luxury.


Customization. Many (but not all) new construction homes allow you to customize your home to suit personal needs and taste preferences. You can select the right wall colors, appliances, and floor types. When you build with Value Build Homes, you can select these finishes and many more in our spacious Design Centers.


Modern layouts. New homes come with layouts to suit modern families. Most of them will have open concepts with large living and dining spaces where people will spend most of their time.


Warranties. Most new homes are covered by a warranty when you move in. The warranty may cover the home’s foundation, workmanship, irrigation systems, and appliances.  This is appealing to first-time homebuyers who are worried about the maintenance of a home. In addition, it will take a few years before you carry out major repairs to a newly built house.


Energy efficiency. This is a big concern in construction today. New construction homes today come with energy-efficient systems, appliances, and insulation to help reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills. 



Buying a New Home is a Great Choice


Buying a new home is a significant investment for your family. For most people, it’s the biggest purchase they will ever make. Customizing it to suit your family’s needs is, therefore, a big reason to buy a new construction home. 


To find out more about new custom home construction in North Carolina and South Carolina, contact Value Build Homes to help you plan your homeownership journey.