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Do you enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful nature? Have you ever been rock climbing on actual rocks? How do you feel about visiting iconic locations from extremely famous films? Come enjoy these perks every summer when you permanently relocate to Rutherford County, NC.


And these aren’t the only points of interest that Rutherford County has to offer. You’ll also enjoy family activities like free outdoor movies. And get your fill of local farm fare at the farmer’s market. Hungry for more? Then read on to learn more about the best summertime activities in Rutherford County, NC.


  1. Enjoy Cinematic Nature at Lake Lure

Lake Lure is sort of the main attraction of Rutherford County. One reason is that it’s the county’s number-one destination for nature-centric outdoor activity. It offers swimming, fishing, hiking, bike trails, horse trails, boating of every kind, and more. And why do we call it “cinematic?” It’s because the scenic beauty of this lake is featured in several iconic films, including:

  • Dirty Dancing
  • Firestarter
  • Last of the Mohicans

Fun fact: There’s a Dirty Dancing Festival at Lake Lure every year. It is a non-profit fundraising event for all ages.


  1. Taste Farm-Fresh Fare

Each Saturday from 8am to noon, you can visit the Rutherford County Farmers Market. Foodies will enjoy the extremely fresh produce and other tasty treats from various local farms, including live herbs, meat, bread, exotic mushrooms, and CBD-infused honey. You’ll also find some truly unique non-edibles for purchase, like handcrafted jewelry and soap. These make great gifts for your family.


  1. Go Rock Climbing (On Actual Rocks)

In most cities, the only way to go rock climbing is to visit an indoor rock climbing facility. These facilities cost money and feature artificial climbing walls. Conversely, Rutherford County has several free parks that permit climbing on actual rock faces and boulders.


  1. Embrace Ziplining

Canopy Ridge Farm Adventure Park features 6 ziplines for adults and children as young as 2 years old. Ziplining speeds reach up to 35mph and the tallest zipline is 100 feet above the ground.


  1. Watch a Free Family Movie at POPS Pavillion

POPS Outdoor Pavilion offers numerous events throughout the year, including Free Movie Fridays. The movies are always family features for all ages. So fill your picnic basket and bring the kids to a great night out.


Bonus Event: You should also check out the annual Cherry Bouncing festival in June. Enjoy live music, food trucks, art, and moonshine from local artisans.


Enjoy These Great Summertime Activities in Rutherford County, NC


Ready to enjoy these summertime activities with your family? Then start looking for your perfect lot in Rutherford County right away. Instead of settling for someone else’s used house, build one that’s custom-designed for your family. For more information or to get started, contact Value Build Homes here.