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When-It-Comes-To-Building-Your-New-Home Do-Your-Homework

Fortunately, unlike our parents and their parents before them, we have the luxury of performing independent research online. The wealth of information available, literally at your fingertips, is simply astonishing. Let’s take a look at what topics to pay attention to when performing your due diligence.

Research Your New Home Builder

Regardless of your location, there are likely several choices available when it comes to selecting the homebuilder that will actually construct your new property.

What criteria should you use to select your new construction contractor? We recommend starting with the following:

  • Online Presence – How much general information is available when placing the homebuilder’s name in the search engine of your choice? Search their website. Is it easy to navigate? Do they provide contact information? If you have trouble finding information about a specific homebuilder it may mean they are relatively new to the market. This doesn’t mean they don’t construct quality houses, but it can mean they aren’t as established as other new construction contractors.
  • Customer Testimonials – Any homebuilding company can tell you how great their product is, and chances are they’re opinion is accurate, but wouldn’t you rather hear the unbiased reviews of actual customers? Many new construction home contractors will offer customer testimonials on their website, but it’s also a good idea to look for more candid observations via social media. Traditionally, Facebook has been a great location for customers to speak candidly regarding their home buying experience. You may even find that you have friends who have utilized the services of the company you are considering. Contact them for details regarding their experience.
  • Pictures, Model Home Tours & Floor Plans – When a homebuilder is proud of their product they will definitely want to show it off! Search for finished photos of their homes, both inside and out. Several new construction contractors will also offer model home tours to showcase their homes. Usually there are several different types of floor plans available as well. Quality builders will provide a visual representation of all floor plans to help those interested in deciding what design they like best.

If you have any questions regarding building a new dream home on your lot, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 919.300.4923!