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Building your own home and being able to design everything to the most minuscule detail is a common dream. If you find yourself in the position to start the process it’s an exciting time. 


The first step to building your dream home is to find the perfect location. With over 320,000 acres of land for sale in North Carolina and more than 170,000 acres available in South Carolina, there are plenty of options. Narrowing this down to find the right plot of land can be a big task, however. That’s where Value Build Homes can help.


What To Consider When Buying Land


Unfortunately, buying land to build your dream home on isn’t as easy as picking the best plot off the shelf. There are a lot of factors that may impact how you can build your home, or if you can do so at all.




An easement is a law in place on some areas of land that gives other people the right to use it for a specific purpose. For example, there may be an easement in place on a plot of land that requires members of the public to be able to pass through. This would restrict where you can build on that piece of land. 


Zoning Restrictions


Zoning restrictions are local regulations in place to control how certain areas are developed. They usually protect communities from disruption by commercial developments, or they may protect certain environments from becoming over-developed. Zoning differs between counties and determines the location, purpose and size of a building that’s allowed on a plot of land.


Environment Flooding


For obvious reasons, you don’t want to build your dream home in an area prone to flooding. This could cause expensive damage to your home and impact ground stability.


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Land contamination can be caused by drainage issues or closeness to factories, mines or fracking sites. Aside from making any garden plans you may have harder to realize, contamination devalues the land, which isn’t good if you ever intend to sell.




Similar to easements, certain land may be protected by law to conserve trees, wildlife and important historical sites. Such laws can make it difficult to get planning permission, although they usually imply natural beauty so this may be a challenge you want to take on.


How VBH Can Help


If these factors sound complicated, it’s because they can be. That’s why we’re here to do the work for you. Our land plot specialists can help you discover your ideal location in coordination with our realtor partners, taking into account all the necessary considerations so you don’t have to.


Our expert property consultants can also advise you on design consultation and custom house plan pricing proposals, as well as landscaping layouts to reduce your utility bills.


Contact us today to see how we can make buying your perfect plot of land easier.