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More aspiring homeowners, couples who are just starting to raise a family, and empty nesters looking to relocate for a laid-back retirement life have opted for custom homes. If you’re one of them, you’ll be interested to learn how home builders in NC customize houses.

While it was a widely preferred choice to purchase turnkey, remodeled, or pre-designed residences before, it seems that in recent years, custom built homes have been considered as more worth it in the long run in terms of quality and affordability.

Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Homeowners find building custom homes beneficial because it’s more flexible when it comes to budget and design.

In the current housing market, there can be a tough competition in looking for an existing home, which can drive up the cost, not to mention the time it will take to find and close a specific house in mind.

However, as you plan and build your own home, you can customize the design according to your needs and budget while managing your time around it and ensuring you have the home of your dreams.

You can also save on maintenance costs as everything is new and you wouldn’t have to worry about your plumbing, insulation, or roof. Should there be any problem, most home builders have warranty in place, which is of course a guaranteed assurance.

Building a new home is also more energy-efficient as components like HVAC systems, insulated windows, and eco-friendly appliances are much better than the ones used in houses built from years before. And these developments can help in reducing the cost of your utility bills.

Things to Consider When Building a Home

As with anything new, there are important considerations in planning to build a custom home. The first two are time and expense. Since you’ll be building from the ground up, it will definitely take time to plan, design, and execute as well as set the budget and secure financing.

That’s why it’s essential to find a partner home builder from the very beginning. With a select team of trusted professionals who have your best interest in mind, you can be confident about having a smooth experience while making sure you’re on schedule.

Another key factor to think of is the location. Usually, new housing projects are found in underdeveloped areas that lack mature landscaping and still need to be cleared. This may be true for your project or yet-to-be-purchased property.

Trusted custom home builders that do end-to-end support can make the process of owning a house easy for you. They’ll help you look for or prepare your property and financing, plan and design, and build and maintain your house with post-warranty.

Home Building in North Carolina

One of the trusted home builders in North and South Carolina is Value Build Homes. The company started providing high-quality yet affordable new construction homes in Sanford-Pinehurst, NC and has since expanded within the region.

Locals in North and South Carolina would agree that these states are desirable to live in, especially with the golden coastlines and majestic mountains that give residents dreamy weather throughout the year.

North Carolina’s capital Raleigh also boasts of the world-renowned Research Triangle Park, the largest research park in the US surrounded by three tier-1 research universities – North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The research park is a technology and bio-manufacturing hub as well as an academic melting pot constantly drawing many work opportunities. Thus in the last few years, a lot of families have settled in North Carolina in search of better opportunities.

Why Build a Home in North Carolina?

There are various reasons why North Carolina is one of the best locations to live in, whether you’re looking to start a career, raise a family, or to comfortably retire. It has an amazing public school system, beautiful mountain ranges that provide a scenic view for residents, and more.

Cost of Living
Housing, transportation, groceries, healthcare, utilities, and taxes are all below the national average in North Carolina.

Friendly Community
The state has become a famous place for young people, families, and retirees from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the country to settle in. Residents appreciate the familiar community feel.

Great Weather
If you’re not fond of the cold, North Carolina is known for its mild winters. You can also enjoy your summers with various outdoor activities. The state has many national parks and forests with miles of hiking trails, tranquil lakes, and exciting whitewater rivers.

Laid-Back Culture
North Carolina has a homey and rustic feel, especially with its thriving craft beer scene, quite famous slow-cooked barbecue, and the oldest cultivated grapevine in the country that dates back to 1584.

Vibrant Economy
With its outstanding education system, technology, and financial scene as well as being a bio-manufacturing mecca, North Carolina has a lucrative economy teeming with a wide variety of career opportunities.

As mentioned earlier, North Carolina, especially Raleigh, boasts of its technological advancement. It has nationally acclaimed medical schools, state-of-the-art hospitals, and more than 100 community hospitals for everyday medical needs.

Various Community Options

If you want a more upbeat way of living with plenty of employment opportunities while being soaked in culture and a great community, Fayetteville, NC is one of the best options.

Fayetteville is known for its wide range of sales, construction, and production opportunities. It’s also accessible to various universities and schools as well as advanced medical facilities. In addition, it has many entertainment attractions and annual events.

If you prefer a more small-town feel, Henderson, NC can be the best place for you. It’s 40 minutes north of Raleigh and it’s more quiet in comparison to other areas while still accessible to larger cities.

It’s also rich in history that dates back to 1785 as a railroad town where tobacco, cotton, and textiles were transported throughout the state. As more businesses have grown in the area, the transportation industry continues to flourish in Henderson.

Steps to Build a Custom Home

So how do you begin building your dream house? Value Build Homes has developed an easy six-step process that we’ve mastered for years and we can guide you with it on this wonderful journey of homeownership.

Establishing Your Buying Power
From the initial meeting, Value Build Homes can help you understand the different programs available, the lending process, and your buying power, so you can be confident about estimating your budget before heading on to design.

In addition, we have access to multiple new construction loan providers. We can connect you with the best mortgage lenders for new homes in the industry to help you get the best financing package possible.

Evaluating Your Land Situation
Value Build Homes has property consultants that offer free property evaluation and can help you with design consultation, efficient landscaping, and customized house plan pricing.

If you don’t have an existing property, we can assist you in finding a trusted realtor through our land specialists in order for you to get the perfect lot for your dream house.

Customizing a Home Design
Perhaps the most exciting part of the journey is the design process. What’s best about Value Build Homes is we consider your lifestyle and make sure to incorporate it in the design of your house. We ask in-depth questions like your habits at home and how you spend your time.

Other questions we ask are about your personalities and that of your kids or pets if you have any. We’ll help you make decisions for your ideal home that would suit your needs. It may be on an existing floor plan or where making tweaks and customizations is necessary.

Finalizing Your Home Plan
Details are significant in building a new home. Value Build Homes will help ensure that everything is in order, from the elements you need to consider like the type of flooring to the correct installation of fixtures before construction is started.

Constructing Your Home
Our skilled and efficient home builders work under the guidance of an experienced construction manager. You can be confident that they can deliver on budget and on schedule as they build your house on site.

Moving Into Your Dream Home
It’s rewarding to finally see the house of your dreams ready to be lived in. Part of that reward is knowing that while the construction process has ended, you continue to be fully secure in your new home for another 10 years with the structural warranty that Value Build Homes provides.

Comfort in Building Custom Homes

With the right plan and home building partner, you’ll be at ease that the quality and standard of your house is at par with your budget and custom-fit to your needs. A home is one of your important investments so make it count.

If you’re looking for home builders in NC, reach out to Value Build Homes and schedule a consultation. We’ll help you understand the homeowner equity process as well as save as much money without sacrificing the quality of your house.