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If you’ve been postponing your decision to build a new home to “see what the market does,” we’ve got good news. “The market” is perfect for building a new home! While it makes the most financial sense to buy when interest rates are low (like now), there are other reasons why buying new beats out buying a used home, a modular home, and even from some other BOYL builders. In this article we’ll lay out exactly why the time is right, especially if you want to move into your dream home sooner rather than later.


Buying Makes More Financial Sense


You’ve been hearing this for a while, and it’s one of the reasons we’ve seen the incredible boom in home sales since last April. Interest rates continue to be near record lows, which means you can afford more home that you normally would and save more money on your monthly payment than in a normal market. (It’s kind of like free money!)


Of course, no matter the interest rate, an argument can always be made that, if you can afford it, owning a home makes more financial sense than renting. That’s because the value of real estate generally increases over time, so the more money you put into your home (through paying off the principal loan, maintenance, and improvements), the more valuable your home will become over time. Plus, a landlord can arbitrarily increase rents; whereas with a 30-year fixed mortgage, your payments are predictable.


“The market” is ripe for purchasing a new home, but these days it’s often the builder that can cause delays or uncertainties. It’s a tough situation, because there are still delays in some building materials as manufacturers try to catch up with demand, so builders are often faced with construction delays and unknown final pricing.


At ValueBuild Homes, however, we have worked out just about all of the issues the last 18 months have caused the building industry. Due to our strong relationships with vendors and suppliers, our products and materials come on schedule and at the agreed upon price, which translates to a seamless and more enjoyable experience (and more affordable home) for our customers. Our customers are confident that their homes will be built on time and within budget.

Why Build a New Home

Here are a few other reasons why now is the perfect time to buy and build a new home.


Easier Than Buying Resale


No Bidding Wars: When you buy a new ValueBuild home, there are no bidding wars. Your home is completely custom, so once we finalize the price based on design and you pay your deposit, the cost is set and we get to work!


No Renovations: ValueBuild homes start at $113,900. A resale home on the market at that price would almost definitely require renovations. With us, you get a brand new, move-in ready home, and you don’t have to lift a finger to clean, paint, or repair anything upon move-in.


Warranty Included: Your new ValueBuild home is covered by a 10-year, third-party backed, structural new home warranty, as well as a 2-year workmanship and systems warranty. We stand by our work, and want you to feel confident that if anything needs to be addressed, we will take care of it quickly and professionally.


Easier Than Buying Modular


Traditionally, buying a modular home meant that assembly would happen fast and you’d be able to move into your new home sooner. Not today. Modular manufacturers are as much as one year behind on fulfilling orders, and often can’t give homebuyers a price because of the situations described above. Customers are left with a contract but no price, which can create confusion, uncertainty, and frustration.


With ValueBuild Homes, our build time is an average of 75 days. We have materials and are ready to build; you know the price and when your home is being delivered, up front.


Easier Than other BOYL Builders


Some build-on-your-lot builders charge more than their customers expect for every finish and feature beyond the basic floor plan. The home the buyers thought they were getting becomes unattainable very quickly. Not with ValueBuild. Our name says it all. You get:


  • A better value because of our efficient and streamlined 6-Step Process
  • More options because we are a custom builder
  • A home delivered within budget, because most of all, we care that you are happy


If you are ready to buy, learn about financing options and what your all-important buying power is. We’ll work with you every step of the way to get you into your dream home as fast as possible.